March 22, 2018

YSC Summit is This Weekend in Oakland

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Dear Ones,

This weekend, March 10-12, is the annual Young Survival Coalition Summit. This year it’s here on the west coast at the Oakland Marriott City Center. Click here for info and to register:

This conference is consistently great and is filled with women diagnosed with breast cancer under age 40, their co-survivors, wonderful speakers and events and fabulous exhibits. Last year there were 600 attendees! It’s definitely an event to attend if you’re in the area.

I will be exhibiting this year. It’s a sexy photo booth and I’m fund raising for the annual Tour de Pink ride, which is the major fund raiser for YSC. If you’d like to know more about it or to make a donation to me and the Sexy After Cancer team, use this link:

Everything YSC does is empowering and inspiring. I’m a big fan and have spoken at several conferences and attended many as well.

If you’re local to the Bay Area, stop by and come see me. There are some fun surprises at my booth and you may be inspired and empowered as well. 🙂

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