April 26, 2018

You Look Wonderful Tonight!

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Remember that Eric Clapton tune, “You Look Wonderful Tonight?” That can happen at any moment and it comes from what you access deep inside you. No matter your age, size, hair situation or shape, your sense of beauty and sexiness comes from you, your self love and your attitude.

This week I bought myself a “date dress” for the first time in years. When I found the right one and looked in the mirror, I felt so happy and excited. Why? The dress? That was the cue for me to know that I still got it goin’ on. In that moment, I knew that I exude beauty and love and that no matter where I go, it’s in me. All I have to do is choose it and let it radiate out from me.

Same with you. Give yourself the gift of going on a date and strut your stuff, however that looks and feels to you. The more you choose beauty and love and sexiness, the more it shows.

Here’s to you and that you still got it goin’ on!



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