April 26, 2018

Why Mindfulness is Vital to Sexual Health, Guest blog by Debbie Woodbury

From time to time, I will offer guest blogs that I think are worth reading. This one from Debbie Woodbury, founder of Where We Go Now As Cancer Survivors.

By Debbie Woodbury, founder WhereWeGoNow
Most of us want great sex – in theory. Sure, we’re interested, but we come up short when it’s time to actually make it happen.
The operative word is “time.” Making time for sex is imperative to having it and enjoying it. And making time isn’t just about clearing a space in your schedule. It’s also about clearing a space in your mind.
What does mindfulness have to do with sexual health? This question is best answered by asking another question, “Isn’t sex better when you are entirely engaged and in the moment?” Of course it is!
Mindfulness is conscious awareness of what you are feeling and experiencing in the present moment. One of the best examples of being in a mindful state is any moment that you are joyfully, unselfconsciously and completely engaged in sexual activity.

What can you do to be more mindful during sex? The opposite of mindfulness is multi-tasking and it is poison to sexual health. The more I practiced multi-tasking, the more difficult it was to focus on one thing at a time, including sex. To break the multi-tasking habit, practice focusing on the little things that make up daily life. If we can become mindfully aware while we’re washing the dishes, we can do the same during sex.

Without a doubt, the simplest and most effective tool to break the multi-tasking cycle is conscious breathing, which calms and refocuses us. From conscious breathing, we can expand into practicing meditation and yoga as other effective ways to retrain the multi-tasking brain.
Do you want to know another benefit of mindful awareness during sex? In addition to promoting sexual health, mindful awareness also promotes relationship health. The more mindfully focused we are on our partner during sexual activity, the deeper our connection and bond. Sounds like a win-win for everyone!

It just goes to prove again that our most important sexual organ is our brain.

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Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” The healing power of sharing her story as a cancer survivor compelled Debbie Woodbury to found WhereWeGoNow, an interactive community for cancer survivors creating inspired healing, wellness and live out loud joy. Debbie is also a blogger at The Huffington Post, an inspirational speaker, a support volunteer with The Cancer Hope Network, a member of the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center Oncology Community Advisory Board, a patient educator with the Pathways Women’s Cancer Teaching Project, a wife and mother, and a former very stressed out lawyer.

You can also find Debbie on Twitter and Facebook.

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