April 26, 2018

Time for a Play Date


Lately I’ve been hearing from a lot of women that life is a bit serious. It’s tax preparation time, it’s been a long winter in some parts of the country, and life has felt hard. It’s time for a play date!

How long has it been since you had some intimate or sexual play? Do you know how to play? If your body is a mystery to you after cancer treatments, it might help to have some ideas of how to play now. The following ideas are things you can experiment with on your own or with your partner if you have one. More than anything, let yourself relax and have some fun and don’t take this or yourself too seriously. Here we go ~

  • Assemble some ingredients for dessert ~ cut up some fruit, melt some chocolate, whip some cream, maybe a bit of ice cream. Serve it on a pretty plate and eat with your fingers. Or feed each other one morsel at a time if you’re doing this with your sweetie.
  • Take the dessert idea a step further by using your body as the “plate”. Spread a sheet on the floor and some pillows, lie on the sheet naked and let your partner arrange the dessert on you. Then relax and let them eat the tasty morsels to their heart’s content. They can shower you with kisses in between bites, or whisper things they love about you in your ears. Or you can ask them to be the plate and you arrange and enjoy dessert on them!
  • Take a bubble bath and cover part of you with soap. Then write words in the soap with your eyes closed and feel the pleasure of your fingers sliding through the soap and writing fun words. If you’re doing this with a partner, soap their back and write words, and then take turns so that they can soap your back and write some words. Try “I love you” and see how that feels.
  • Have some aural sex by talking sexy to each other. Sit close and take turns telling each other all the things you’d either like to do to or with your partner, or the things you’d like them to do to or with you. To be clear, this is a communication game. If you decide that you want to do any of the things you talk about, agree on what, when and how you will do that. Sometimes when you know it is talking only,  you get more creative.  Be as descriptive as you can and get creative.
  • Write an erotic story together. Begin with, “Once upon a time…” and create a fun and playful story.

You get the idea. Make some time to play, be silly and be close. Make it a priority to play and have some fun, and see what happens. Feel free to share your ideas and experiences with us so that we can all play more!

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