March 21, 2018

The Angel in the Cell Phone Store

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When you’re open to miracles, you begin to notice them all around all the time. One happened yesterday in a fun way. I was at the cell phone store for the second time, after running out of time the first session and needing to return later. This was eating much more time than I wanted to devote to this task and I was a little cranky. The clerk helping me was working very slowly and I was waiting and waiting and waiting ~ in case you didn’t know this, patience has not been my strong suit.

There was a man standing at the other end of the same counter, surrounded by 2 tablets and 3 mobile phones. He was there when I arrived and was deeply engrossed in a conversation on the phone. He had a big smile on his face as he explained something patiently to the person on the other end of the conversation. He was put on hold while I was waiting, and there we were, both waiting. His eyes lit up and he smiled and said, “Accept everything and be grateful. And if you want to give yourself a challenge, resist nothing.”

His smile widened and he looked into my eyes. I said something about getting better at accepting what is. He repeated his words and continued to smile. Then he resumed his conversation and my clerk asked me a question.

It was only a few moments. And what a wonderful reminder about living life fully. Since then I’ve been repeating his words over and over again in my mind. It’s been a magical day. In these 24 hours, I’ve gotten 2 new clients. A colleague has posed an idea for a project that will be fun and will make a difference to a lot of people. As I was grunting and sweating in my workout this morning, I remembered his words and felt a surge of gratitude for my radiant health.

I talked with 2 women today on the breast cancer journey. As I sat with them and listened deeply, I could hear what wasn’t being spoken and it was about resistance ~ resistance to breast cancer, to a changed body, to feeling sad and less attractive, to lack of intimacy in their lives. During each conversation I gently suggested that they experiment with resisting nothing and accepting it all with gratitude. One woman cried and the other got angry and told me I didn’t understand.

Since the conversations, both women have reached out to tell me that they are trying it on, and both are feeling better emotionally and feeling more gentle with themselves.

Thank you to the anonymous Angel in the cell phone store. You made a difference with me and with everyone I have touched since then. I invite you to experiment with accepting everything and being grateful. And if you want to give yourself more of a challenge, resist nothing.

Please share your experiences so that we can all benefit from your wisdom. And fell free to share the Angel’s message.


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