April 26, 2018

Sexy Saturdays Swan Song

Barbara Musser, Sexy Saturdays, Sexy After Cancer, breast cancer, breast cancer and intimacy, cancer and sexual health, breast cancer and libido, breast cancer and sexual pleasure



Sexy Saturdays, Sexy After Cancer, Barbara Musser, breast cancer, breast cancer and intimacy, breast cancer and sexual health, breast cancer and libido, breast cancer and sexual pleasure


My Dear Friends,

It’s been almost 2 years since the birth of the Sexy Saturdays blog, nearly 100 posts. I hope that you’ve found value, inspiration and hope in these columns. It’s time that you know how beautiful, desirable and sexy you are! My passion for your joy and pleasure is endless and you have inspired me to explore new possibilities. Of course I have tested every tip and tool to make sure it works ~ I am one grateful, happy, satisfied and awake sexual woman!

TPF is maturing and becoming more focused on their mission of providing financial support and education for those in active breast cancer treatment. This clarity of focus will reflect in the focus of blogs that appear on the site and the focus is more on the financial aspects of the breast cancer experience than on intimacy and sexual health. Sexy Saturdays™ is moving to a new home. This blog will continue on my website www.sexyaftercancer.com/blog. Please click through now to see my inaugural video blog and a bit about the new vision I have.

I hope that you will make the move with me to Sexy After Cancer and continue to read and follow my chronicles for pleasure, intimacy and sexual health. The new video blogs are yet another format to entice you and enhance your pleasure.

It’s been a great adventure writing this blog! There is so much that I have learned and want to share in this emerging conversation about breast cancer and sexual health and intimacy! I also blog for ~

Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine (http://www.breastcancerwellness.org/category/inspire/)

Women’s Survivors Alliance online magazine (http://theplum.org/category/between-the-ears/sex-you-bet/)

Breast Cancer Answers (http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/nurture-sexuality/#.U7xGHqiZ440).

The conversation about breast cancer, intimacy, sexual health, body image and relationships is timely and needed. I’m passionate about providing resources and since I’ve been on this journey personally for 25 years, I understand it.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, work with me, book me for a speaking engagement, or attend a retreat, here’s how ~

Lots of ways to stay connected. I hope you will. There are many different phases to the breast cancer journey and each brings its own joys, challenges and growth opportunities. My belief is that how we feel about ourselves and come into and nourish our inner and outer integrity shapes our journey and experiences. Here’s to you and knowing that you are beautiful, desirable, sexy and that with the ingredients, you can create a happy and satisfying intimate and sexual life after breast cancer.

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