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Are you living a sensual life? There have been many recent posts here about different elements of sensuality. How do you integrate them into your life into a way of being that extends into engaging all our senses to create a rich and rewarding sensual and erotic existence? This can go far beyond the carnal pleasures of the body, into sensuous engagement with life ~ inhaling the heady perfume of a rose or enjoying the love in a friend’s smile. It means becoming sensitive and sensitized to the seasons, the gentle mist in the air, the vibrant colors of a sunset. Where the sky meets the sea, the heaven kisses the earth.

It’s these attunements to the treasures and pleasures of the natural world that can inspire our intimate and sexual expression and health. Being sensual in these ways when we are alone enhances our ability to be sensual with a partner. Do you, in private reverence, nourish your body with delicious food, exotic baths, oils and healing massage? Or do you compartmentalize sensuality and believe that it exists only when you are making love? Take some time and explore how you live sensually and contemplate if you are living the way you want to live. If so, wonderful! If not, what would you like to change?

You can build profound communion and synchronous revelations through the power of touch. Human touch holds untold possibilities, far beyond than as a means of arousal. Like sensuality it can be a universe unto itself. Exploring the uncharted realms of pressure, temperature, direction, timing, tension and equilibrium can take you to unimaginable new levels. Such mindful sensuality can also help  you to experience ~ sense ~ qualities in yourself and in your partner that you wouldn’t normally notice or cherish, like a facial expression, an odor, or the way our partner holds our hand. In this way, sensuality grounds you in the details that make us each unique, whether in private or partnered.

Try an experiment ~ for a day, engage all your senses fully. Allow your eyes to drink in details, your ears to hear the music of the spheres, your nose to inhale all the aromas of life. Focusing on your senses enhances them and enhances pleasure.  Try it and share your experiences with us so that we can all learn from each other.

To your sensuality!

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