March 22, 2018

NWSC Update ~ Sexercise for Cancer and Sex

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This is Day 2 of the National Women’s Survivors Convention in Nashville. There are 1000 women attending with all kinds of cancers, from 49 states. This is the second year for this wonderful event and I’m thrilled to be here presenting again. Today was the first of 2 workshops I’m giving on cancer and sexuality. Today’s was “It’s Not Over Yet! 3 Tips for Better Intimacy and Sexual Health After Cancer.” It was an inspiring time with 40 women who came to learn. And with my style of teaching, they got more than they expected. I tend to under-promise and over-deliver and today was no exception. The workshop was interactive and participative and I watched women transition from sitting with arms crossed or fearful expressions, to laughter, open-hearted and giving lots of great comments and asking questions. A new sisterhood has formed! Most of them will return for the second workshop tomorrow and many will bring their partners for the fun.

I made a video to share some of the “Sexercise” practices we did  today. May you experiment with them and enjoy the benefits!


Wishing you a Sexy Saturday as we enter August and the sultry summer days and nights. Tonight I had dinner under the starts in East Nashville with dear friend and colleague and we gabbed about our passion for supporting people on the cancer journey to thrive and live juicy full lives. We raised a glass and toasted all on this crazy sexy cancer journey. Here’s to you!  xx

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