March 21, 2018

Inhale Peace, Exhale Love

Ever since I took on a deeper level of personal evolution, my mind has been making mischief ~ if you’re on a spiritual path you may have heard of “monkey mind.” It seems that I have a whole gaggle on screaming monkeys these days. Sometimes they wake me in the middle of the night, demanding my attention and wakefulness. It’s exhausting! The mantra, “Inhale Peace, Exhale Love,” is what I say, when I remember! And it always brings me to a more peaceful and calm place inside. I’m very grateful for that.

Earlier this week I taught a class on Intimacy and Sexuality with Cancer at the Cancer Support Community. The attendees included a broad range of cancers, many different phases of treatment, and people who were there because they wanted some hope, inspiration and tools. We had a lively conversation and I gave them 10 tools and “power tools” to help on their journey. This was the first time many of them have had the opportunity to share their experience and ask questions of a very practical nature, including, “Is it really possible to wake up my libido since it doesn’t even seem to have a pulse these days?” “The cocktail of medications I take is keeping me alive and the tumors are managed, but I’m so exhausted all I can think of is when is my next nap ~ how can I muster the energy for intimacy?””What kind of lubricant can I use that won’t cause an infection?” “How can I ask my partner to hug me and stroke my back?”

As we talk and I listen and offer things to try, ways to think, practices to build bridges to intimacy, the monkeys come knocking at the door of my mind. They say that I’m a fool to try to help in such a hopeless situation; that I might as well give up and go home, and other equally un-inspiring things. Ah, this is the moment to remember, “Inhale Peace, Exhale Love.” And I continue. My dream and my passion trumps the monkeys every time.

It occurs to me that this is the journey we’re all on, of remembering what we need to remember, when we need to remember it. Whether it’s cancer, menopause, a challenging business situation, a new exercise program ~ anything at all that challenges us ~ remember that the monkeys can be trumped. Maybe all it takes is a banana!

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