April 26, 2018

Cancer, Sex and The Wisdom of the Womb

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Last weekend I was at the YSC Summit for women diagnosed with breast cancer before age 40. We were 600+ strong and the morning on Saturday was devoted to cancer and sex. Three of us (me, Kristen Carpenter from Ohio State University and Sabitha Pillai-Freedman from Widener University) gave Ted-type talks on different aspects of cancer and sex ~ body changes, what science says and communication. Then we had an open Q&A session, which was very lively. Later I hosted a discussion group for single women to talk about cancer, sex, dating and going forward with life.

These women were completely inspiring in so many ways. In the breakout group many women said they feel disconnected from their bodies and that libido and sexual feelings have gone missing. We did a brief practice to get in touch with the wisdom contained in our womb. Here’s how:

♥ Stand with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart. Put your hands on your hips. Slowly rotate your hips in one direction for several rotations, then the other direction. While you do this, focus your attention on your pelvic bowl, the area that is contained within the pelvic ones and pelvic floor muscles. Imagine that you can see and feel your pelvic bowl as you move your hips.

♥ Continue standing and place one hand on your low belly and the other on your heart. Feel the connection between your heart and your pelvic bowl. Imagine bringing the energy of love from your heart down into the pelvic bowl, and imagine it’s like a beautiful golden light that illuminates the bowl.

♥ Using that love light, look around the inside of your pelvic bowl. Notice any places that are rough, torn, bruised, frozen or missing. Shine your love light on those areas and feel the light of your love healing your pelvic bowl and making it whole again.

♥ Keeping your attention and love on your pelvic bowl, ask what it needs from you to feel whole and alive. Listen to what comes to you as you tune in to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of your womb.

♥  When you feel complete, make a few notes in your journal. If you have received actions to take, commit to taking those actions. This time I heard that daily dancing and moving my hips will keep my womb alive and happy.

I’ve been dancing every day since returning home from the summit. I can feel my sexual energy, my life force energy, flowing more strongly. This makes me feel very happy and sexy.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of discovering your womb wisdom. You may find that cancer provides a portal to connecting in new ways to your experiences of intimacy and sex, whether you have a partner or not. It’s a beautiful thing to love yourself and radiate that energy.

Here’s to you and your beautiful spirit and to feeling sexy!


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