March 22, 2018

Cancer, Movement and Sex

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A wonderful new discovery about cancer, movement and sex! I’ve begun to train for the YSC Tour de Pink ride in October, which is a fund raiser for the Young Survival Coalition. Lots of time in the saddle is rough on my vulva and “bits” and I get numb and tingly, not in a good way. So I’ve been doing some vulva massage with oil or lotion to soothe my achiness. As I do it and my tissue relaxes and wakes up, it feels great! The massage isn’t intended to turn me on or get me aroused, but that is a by-product. Who knew? I’ve discovered yet another sensual pleasure. I made a video about it, so take a look and tell me what you think.

The link to support me in the Tour de Pink ride is also below. Please consider making a donation to support my ride as I support this fabulous organization!

cancer, sex and movement Click on this link to see the video!

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  1. Love what you’re doing, Barbara! Happy to support you! Why? Because, as we both know, what goes around comes around!

    Hugs, Paul

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