April 26, 2018

25 Years of Great Sexual Health After Breast Cancer!

Barbara Musser, Sexy After Cancer, Sexy Saturdays, breast cancer, breast cancer and sexuality, sex after breast cancer, breast cancer and intimacy



Sexy After Cancer, Barbara Musser, breast cancer, breast cancer and sexuality, intimacy and breast cancer, cancer and sexual health, sexy saturdays

This week was my 25 year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis ~ my Silver Jubilee! I’ve been reflecting on the journey, especially my intimate and sexual journey. It’s been quite and adventure with lots of twists and turns, ups and downs, and I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way ~

  • The resources, strength and courage are all inside and it’s a matter of exploring the inner realms to bring them to the surface and integrate them. This is an ongoing exploration because as time passes things continue to evolve and grow. Courage begets courage; vulnerability enhances the capacity for more vulnerability.
  • It’s not a straight line to the destination, but it’s about enjoying and learning form the journey. A sense of curiosity, humor and creativity smooth the bumps, which continue to be in the path.
  • Feminine grace is innate and has nothing to do with physical appearance or age. We are all born with this and life covers it up. Being quiet and still and calling it forth, reveals it, then it can be tended like a beautiful flower in the garden of you.
  • Cancer can open portals into completely new experiences of intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. There are many more possibilities beyond penetrative genital sex and fluid exchange that are fun, pleasurable and orgasmic.
  • Defining beauty and sexiness on my terms, rather than the cultural mores, is liberating and empowering and magnetically attractive.
  • Open and honest communication about desires, needs and pleasure is highly intimate and erotic.
  • Trusting my wisdom, heart and body brings me into alignment and integrity inside and out and that is sexy.
  • I have a more satisfying and nourishing intimate and sexual life than I ever dreamed of before my cancer diagnosis.

My wish for you is that you know how beautiful, desirable, sensual and sexy you can be and that you join me on this journey of discovery. I have created a new online course called “You Are So Beautiful” to help you on this journey. Here’s a link to learn more about it ~ https://www.sexyaftercancer.com/you-are-so-beautiful-course/. I hope you give yourself this gift!

Here’s to you, Beauty.

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