March 22, 2018

Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics: 

  • Sexy After Breast Cancer~ Finding Inner Aphrodite on the Cancer Journey

According to studies, 40-90% of women experience sexual difficulties as a result of breast cancer treatment. 20 years later, 50% continue to experience difficulties. How can we open up this conversation and help women to realize that they can be sexier after cancer than before? Learn 3 keys to unlock sexuality and have a sex life that’s rich and very satisfying:

  1. What the Heck is Sex Anyway? Expanding the definition and experience of sex in ways you never imagined.
  2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: make peace with, accept, forgive and love your changed body and its wisdom.
  3. Pleasure Mapping: Discovering your pleasure zones and how to communicate them to your partner.
  • What You Really Need to Know to Have a Great Sex Life After Cancer

Now that treatment is finished, how do you live and love? How do you deal with your changed body and recognize the gift it is and the wisdom it has?

  • Don’t believe everything you think! The most powerful sex organ we have is our mind. How to use it for pleasure.
  • SEX: Sacred Energy Exchange ~ expanding what sex is and can be.
  • Libido retired? What’s a girl/couple to do? Practical and pleasurable ways to awaken the sleeping Aphrodite and create pleasure.

Barbara will create a presentation, keynote, workshop or seminar on any topic related to cancer, intimacy and sexuality. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities that will best meet your needs.

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