March 22, 2018

Wonderful Weekend at Harbin Hot Springs

Monday morning after a wonderful weekend at Harbin Hot Springs…. I had some big grief rise to the surface. It was grief about letting go of facilitating HAI workshops and how much I miss that. It was grief about sitting in the “bone-yard of my soul” as I await the blossoming of Sexy After Cancer. And it was grief about being ahead of the curve with my visions for most of my life.

As I felt into the grief and aloneness of that, I realized that it’s really about experiencing transformations and visions and then waiting for the physical realm to catch up, and about the energy it takes to be a pioneer and visionary.

As I sat with it some more, I experienced the gift that this is, and saw myself in a beautiful vessel traveling out on the edges of my visions, creating the openings for these visions to become available to the world.

I had a teacher who said that if you aren’t on the edge, you’re taking up too much space. Sometimes the edge feels like a knife blade and sometimes it’s the only place to dance. However I perceive it and think about it, it’s what I’m up to in this lifetime and I’ve stopped resisting it. I’m also asking for daily guidance about
♥ where to go
♥ what to do
♥ who to talk to
♥ what to say
It’s working…


  1. It IS working!

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