March 20, 2018

We Never Know…

Last Friday morning I had tea with my daughter before I headed off for a weekend women’s retreat in Napa. As I was walking out the door for the retreat, my daughter called to say that she was on her way to the Emergency Room to determine if she had appendicitis. She had a tummy ache in the morning that got progressively worse as the day went on. She seemed fine when I saw her and she didn’t mention the tummy ache. 6 hours later, it had all changed.

After a few hours and some tests, she went into the Operating Room and had her appendix removed.  The surgeon said it was a “textbook case” and that she was doing great. He had already signed her release papers so that she could go home as soon as she ate some solid food.

In the blink of an eye, my baby went from feeling fine to being in recovery from abdominal surgery. It was shocking how quickly it happened. My Mama Bear energy has been on high alert for a week now, and is just beginning to relax.

This has all left me broken open by the mysteries of life. I assume that I’ll wake up every morning, ready and able to enjoy another day to live and love. I assume that my loved ones will be fine. I assume that life as I know it, will go on. And it’s not always that way. I know this from all the times life has broken me open. And yet, each time it happens it surprises me.

I marvel at how delicate we are and at how strong we are. I wonder about the mysteries of our bodies and how they become ill or injured, and want to return to wholeness and health. I’m inspired by every life story I hear, and how life events change our stories.

What’s your story? How has life broken you open to the mysteries of wholeness, health, love, what matters and what doesn’t? If you’re willing, please share your story here. Knowing yours makes mine even more beautiful.



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