April 26, 2018


VRP ~ Vaginal Restoration and Renewal Program
~ adapted from A Woman’s Touch (www.a-womans-touch.com)

Whether you’ve have chemo or hormonal therapies for cancer treatment, are menopausal or peri-menopausal, or haven’t had genital sex for a while, you may wonder if it’s possible to renew your vaginal tissue. The short answer is yes, and this program will help you to do that.

It’s a three-part program, and the results are:

  • increased blood and lymph flow to vulvar, perineal and vaginal tissue
  • renewed elasticity and flexibility of these tissues
  • easier relaxation and expansion of genital tissue with insertion of toys, fingers, tongues, penises, and other invited guests
  • rehabilitated and renewed tissue
  • more fun and pleasure in your genital intimacy and sexuality

Depending on the delicacy of your tissue, you can do the parts of the program sequentially or simultaneously. If your tissue is very friable, meaning it’s really delicate and tears easily, I suggest that you begin with the first part for a week, then add the second part for a week, and finally add the third part for another week or two prior to attempting penetration. You’ll enjoy the process and in this case, there’s no benefit to rushing. Slower is better.

It may be easier for you to do this at night before bed, because lying horizontally will keep the moisturizer inside the vagina.  You can do it at other times, just know that you may experience the discharge of some of the lube as you walk around.

You can do this program solo or with a partner, whichever you choose. It works either way.

Part One ~ Moisturize

It’s important to use a moisturizing lubricant for moisturizing. There are many different types of lubricants formulated for different purposes. The goal is to renew and increase the moisture level in your vulvar, perineal and vaginal tissue, so find a lube designed for this purpose. I have used Sliquid Organics, Liquid Silk and Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant with good results. Look for one without parabens, glycerin, or any other ingredient that may be drying or irritating. Read the label carefully and if you’re not sure, ask for help.

To moisturize, pour some lube into the palm of one hand and coat your palm and fingers generously. Move it around to warm it. Then gently apply the moisturizing lube to the entire vulva, and perineum.  Make sure to include the area between the outer and inner labia, the clitoris, and the vulva. Once you have liberally applied the lube externally, pour some more lube onto your fingertips, and then gently insert your well-lubed index finger into the vaginal opening. Go slowly and gently here ~ the activity is to simply insert some lube. You can also use a syringe type of injection device if you prefer.

If your tissue is very dehydrated, you can apply moisturizer several times during the day. Experiment with what feels and works best for you.

Part Two ~ External Massage

Once you have applied the moisturizing lube, begin gentle massage. The purpose of the massage is to increase blood and lymph flow into the tissues. This helps greatly with restoring elasticity and flexibility. The goal is not to turn yourself on in any way, although that may happen. The goal is to use a gentle kneading technique over all the external vulvar and perineal areas, including the outer and inner labia. Gently squeeze some tissue between your thumb and index finger with a press and release motion. Use enough pressure so that the skin turns a little pink. If it feels like pinching or is painful in any way, use less pressure. A little tenderness is fine and encourages more blood and lymph flow to the tissues.

Take 5-10 minutes to do the massage. You can take more time if you want, but 5 minutes or so is enough.  While massaging you can also apply additional moisturizing lube if the tissue feels dry.

As you continue with the massage over time, experiment with the amount and type of pressure that feels good to you. You will probably discover that as the increased moisture and blood and lymph flow bring more elasticity and flexibility to your tissue, more pressure feels good. The key is to tune into your body and what feels best to you.

Part Three ~ Internal Massage using Vibration

Many women think their vagina has shrunk when the tissue is so delicate.  Any pain associated with this may result in fear that penetration will hurt, which makes it really challenging to relax. When you’re tense and afraid, your muscles, ligaments and tissues contract as a protection against pain. This only results in more pain, and this can become a downward spiral that is really discouraging. If this has happened for you, please be gentle and patient with yourself. There’s no rush for this part of the program. You may want to spend some more time with the moisturizing and massaging.  That’s good. Trust yourself.

When you are ready for massage with vibration, it’s important to remember that the purpose of this is to do internal massage similar to what you’ve been doing externally. This isn’t about using a large vibrator to arouse yourself.  This is about increasing elasticity and flexibility in the tissues.

Vibration is done with expanders or wands. These come in various sizes. They are cylindrical plastic or silicone rods that vibrate in various ways. The smallest are about the diameter or a finger, and they get incrementally larger.

Depending on your personal situation, you may choose to start with a smaller or larger size. You’ll know very quickly if you have the right size device. If it feels like too much pressure and stretching that is painful, use a smaller size.

After moisturizing and massaging, coat your expander with plenty of moisturizing lubricant. (Note: if you are using a silicone device, do not use a lube containing silicone, but choose a water-based lube instead)  Gently and slowly insert it into your vagina, inserting it only as far as feels good. Remember to go slowly and breathe while inserting the expander. Once you have inserted it, turn it on and let it vibrate. Lie back and relax and let it vibrate for about 5 minutes, 10 at the most. 

During the massaging vibration, you may experience some little tears in your vaginal tissue. This is a healthy part of renewing flexibility and elasticity. If it is painful or there are larger tears, go to a smaller size expander. The intent is to gently stretch and expand the tissue without causing the formation of any scar tissue. Scar tissue can be difficult to break up and can be painful to work with.

After the vibration, slowly and gently remove the expander. Some women find it helpful to push it out by gently contracting the PC muscles. Alternatively, you can gently pull it out.

Once you have removed the expander, place one of your palms gently over the vaginal opening and vulva. The warmth and gently pressure of your hand is a lovely way to complete this part of the program.

After about a week with one size expander, or when you can comfortably insert a finger alongside the expander, move to the next larger size expander.  Continue increasing the expander size until you are using an expander about the size of an erect penis or your favorite vibrator.

Once you have reached this stage, if you feel ready, you can experiment with insertion. Remember to be patient, go slow, breathe and relax. If penetration feels like too much, stick with moisturizing and outer and inner massage for a while longer. There’s no rush here, so relax and go at the pace that feels best to you.

Enjoy this program and customize it for your personal needs. Then let me know how it works for you!

This is adapted from a longer article by Myrtle Wilhite, MD. The entire article can be found at  http://www.a-womans-touch.com/sex_counselor.php?articleID=3069.

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