March 20, 2018

Sexy Saturdays Sensual Strawberries

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Welcome to the new home for Sexy Saturdays! I’ve written this blog for the past 2 years for TPF and am now moving it here. I will soon move the archived blogs, nearly 100 messages filled with tips, tools, inspirations and pure pleasure. Video blogs are now part of the mix as well and here is the inaugural video!  May you discover endless ways to enhance your intimate and sexual life now that breast cancer is in the mix. My passion is for exploring sex after breast cancer, desire, intimacy, sensuality and pleasure!  Join me on this wonderful evolving journey into what it takes to wake up a sleepy libido and to open the doors for women, cancer and sexuality and create your Personal Pleasure Plan.



Your comments are welcome as well as any subject you’d like me to include in the blog. My vision is to make this a juicy place to explore the intersection of cancer and pleasure, sensuality, libido, sexuality and intimacy. It’s time for this conversation to happen and I invite you to come and play with me here. Whether you have cancer or not, your life has surely been touched by cancer ~ we all know someone with cancer. This is a big and wonderful conversation, so join in and please share this with anyone you think might benefit.  Here we go!


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