March 21, 2018

Sexy After Cancer?

Every day I talk with women about cancer-related changes to their bodies, emotional life and self-esteem.  Too many women who have had breast cancer treatments tell me they will not look at themselves naked, nor will they allow their partners to see them naked. Even as their bodies heal, many women become disconnected from themselves in profound ways.  The consequences of chemotherapy and hormonal therapies to energy, libido and the physical experiences of sex are often surprising to women, and they say they’re not told in advance about these side effects.

There aren’t many places where they can talk about this, much less accept, make peace with, forgive and love their changed body. While there is a lot of research about the disease, there is far too little about the real and practical difficulties of reconnecting emotionally, spiritually, physically and sexually after the transformations that occur with breast cancer.

The Sexy After Cancer™  retreat for women is designed to explore these needs and help to build bridges back to creating a happy, healthy robust life that includes enhanced femininity, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality on the breast cancer “journey”. This retreat picks up where the clinical solutions and how-to books end.

During the course of a weekend, we will dive deeply into many aspects of the impact of breast cancer and treatments on the experience of being a woman including:

  • Navigating the shock of diagnosis and treatments
  • Exploring the question, “Am I damaged goods?”
  • Understanding that beauty is much more than skin deep
  • Processes for forgiveness and appreciation
  • Discovering that sex is much more than what happens with genitals, penetration and fluid exchanges
  • Exploring “Sexercise” to develop and strengthen pelvic floor health.

If you’ve experienced changes to your libido, femininity, sensuality and sexuality on this journey, this is a place to be with others with the same issues, to share your experiences, learn practical ways to heal and enhance your experiences, and design your personal path to transforming. We will do visualizations, paired and group exercises and processes, receive information, tips and tools that will help with this.

Healing Journeys has partnered with me to sponsor this breakthrough retreat, and this is the first time it is being offered. To encourage your attendance and to enable us to ask for your feedback, we are offering the retreat at a significantly reduced price. I hope you will be one of the 50 women to join me for this extraordinary experience!

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