April 26, 2018

Motorcycle Mama

Yesterday was a beautiful day along the northern California coastline. It was sunny, warm and clear, and we had a date with some friends at the beach. We decided to ride the motorcycle to get there. Little did I know that this journey would bring me so much erotic pleasure…

Zipping up the black leather jacket was the beginning. The smell and feel of the leather was primal and sexy. As my man started the motorcycle, the throaty hum of the engine seemed to say, “Climb on me, Babe.” I donned my helmet, sunglasses and leather gloves and climbed on behind my man. The thrum and vibration of the engine, combined with my arms on his hips and the warm sun on my back, was intoxicating.

Once we got out of town the road was filled with curves and hills. We leaned into the curves; his back pressed into me as we climbed hills and I slid into his back on the downhills. Our bodies melted into one as we moved, swayed and leaned. The vibration of the engine felt wild and fast. He reached back and grabbed my calf and squeezed it. I squeezed his hips between my hot vibrating thighs.

We were one with each other and with the bike and the road. There was only the perfect oneness of it. This is the connection and intimacy that I crave and which nourishes me to my core. It was deep and full erotic pleasure ~ hot, satisfying, full, wordless, joyful and intensely wonderful.

As we walked down the beach to meet our friends, no words were spoken. Holding hands, the rhythm of walking, the warmth of the sun, the smell of the ocean and the kiss of the breeze ~ more pleasure. As I expanded to drink deeply from this well of pleasure and hot love I knew without doubt how loved I am.


  1. After your delicious ride – so beautifully expressed, I wonder how you didn’t stumble once you got off at the beach! Can I share your message by quoting you at mt website, with attribution? If so please email it to me

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