April 26, 2018

Love, Grief, Loss and Intimacy

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Loss and grief are inevitable in life. Stephen Jenkinson says that we human beings are maintained by the death of other living things. I’m in the midst of this experience following the death of my beloved Daddy-O 5 weeks ago. I think it’s also true of the deaths and losses we experience on the cancer journey ~ the death of the myth of our immortality, loss of our bodies as they were previously, and the loss of innocence.

As I contemplate my grief being composted into something more life-loving, and letting grief have its way with me, I’m opening more and more into other aspects of love. A broken heart is an open heart. My heart is opening to me in new ways, tenderly and fiercely. I realize that all that really matters is love and opening to love again and again.

This video shares a practice I’m doing and I offer it as inspiration to you on your journey of love and intimacy, which begins with loving you…

As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback. Until next time, I wish you more love, more wonder and more gratitude for this wild and precious life.

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  1. I’m sorry about the death of your father. My father died a year ago Monday, a month before my cancer diagnosis….

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