April 26, 2018

Cover Girl!

Barbara Musser, sexy after cancer, love and beauty after breast cancer, breast cancer and sexuality, self-love after cancer

I’m thrilled to share that I’m the cover girl for the spring issue of Breast Cancer Wellness magazine ~ me and the gorgeous Gracie, that is! The layout for the cover has just been completed and final inside layout and editing is still in progress. The publication date is mid-March. This is a huge milestone for me and I’m so jazzed that this will help reach many more women with breast cancer.

In my article I share some of my personal journey and reveal some vulnerable experiences I’ve had on my journey. This is the 25th anniversary of my diagnosis. It’s hard to believe! Since then I’ve discovered so much about healing, about beauty, intimacy and sexuality. Little did I know that breast cancer would change my life path in so many ways, leading me to work I never dreamed of, much less imagined possible.

My wish is that every woman whose life is touched by breast cancer knows that she is beautiful, vibrant, desirable and sexy. Cancer breaks your heart open to other possibilities for living and loving, beginning with loving yourself. It can be an opportunity to live your best and most loving life for the rest of your life. Every spiritual tradition says that heart break is a doorway into deeper truth and love.  Jon Kabat-Zinn calls it “full catastrophe living” and talks about the vulnerability and grace of living this way.

It’s all about stepping into hope and confidence to begin living life as you choose to create it. Being empowered to do this is one of the most precious gifts anyone can ever receive. I hope that you choose this path whether you personally have cancer or not. Here’s to you and to life! 

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