March 22, 2018

C4YW Report From Seattle Conference


Saturday morning I sat in a large ballroom filled with young women from around the US and several foreign countries. We were 650 strong, almost all on the breast cancer journey, all diagnosed before age 40. We listened to the latest research updates on why younger women have more aggressive cancers, and that there is a recognition that quality of life issues need to be addressed because the treatments are now very effective. Duh!

Down in the vendor area I had a booth. On the table was a big sign with the Sexy After Cancer logo. I wish there was a hidden camera to capture people’s expressions as the words registered with them. A few scoffed and muttered things like, “That’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one…” Some grimaced and walked by as quickly as possible. One turned and walked in the other direction. Some turned bright red. And many came to ask if this really was possible. I could see the pain, sadness and fear mixed with hope in their eyes.

I invited them to sit with me and tell me about them, not just the story of their diagnosis and treatment but also the story of how all of this impacted their sense of femininity, sexiness and their intimate and sexual life. They laughed, they cried, they raged, they were skeptical and curious and everything in between. All were invited to attend one of the two workshops I offered, “Bring Back Your Sexy After Breast Cancer.” I had no idea how many would actually show up.

Both workshops were filled to capacity, with about 130 people in each one. Several partners also came along. The time was filled with looking at the aspects that are part of our libido other than what happens in our genitals ~ the emotions, thoughts, spiritual issues, self-esteem, fatigue, grief. I gave them lots of tools, power tools and the Key to the Queendom for vaginal renewal. I answered questions ~ they had so many great questions.

Later, many came to see me at my booth and told me that this workshop was the highlight of the conference for them! That blew me away! And I knew that I must continue to do this work that I’m so drawn to do. I must continue to research and discover new tools to try out with my sweetie and then share them with those who can benefit.  As I packed up after the conference, I knew that many miracles had happened during the weekend.

On the plane home, a beautiful young woman sat next to me. As we chatted, she said that breast cancer runs in her family and she’s terrified that she’ll get it one day. She was eager to hear about the conference and what I had learned about prevention. And there was another sign to keep doing what I do. Thank you, Angels, I got the message!


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