April 26, 2018

A Miracle Can Happen In Any Moment

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Do you experience miracles in your life regularly? Marianne Williamson, a wonderful spiritual teacher, says that a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. By that definition, there are miracles happening all the time, if we open our eyes and hearts to recognize them. Marianne says, “In any moment, in any circumstance, a miracle will occur when we align ourselves with truth.”

Last week on a trip to the east coast to visit my Dad, I fully anticipated having some difficult conversations with him about the necessity for him to move out of his home into assisted living. He was recently in the hospital with COPD-related pneumonia and was very weak. His doctor took away his ability to drive himself around and he lives in a remote area where the nearest grocery store is 10 miles away. It looked like a grim picture to me.

My Dad is both proud and stubborn. He was determined to stay in his home. He organized rides for appointments and errands. A local restaurant delivered meals to him. He had visiting nurses, physical and occupational therapists. When I talked with him on the phone he sounded weak and short of breath. I was prepared for a bad scene.

I arrived late at night and Dad waited up for me, but went to bed shortly after my arrival. The next morning he looked spry and sounded strong. He had a long list of tasks for me to do to help him. We were out running around for half the day and he drove. His driving was better than when I had seen him a few months prior to his hospitalization. In short, I was stunned at how well he was doing.

Instead of having to have “the talk” about assisted living, we had conversations about what kind of support to arrange so that he can stay living independently in his home. This was a miracle!

How many places in life does thinking in a certain way predetermine what will happen? How limiting are our thoughts?  The adage “seeing is believing” is backwards; it’s really what we believe that determines what and how we see.

As I sit on the plane returning home from this visit with Dad, I’m contemplating the limitations of my thinking on my experiences. This is especially true in my personal intimate and sexual life. I see how my beliefs about my age and menopausal status shape what happens in my body. If I think my vaginal tissue is dry and delicate, guess what? It is. Granted, some of this is biology. However, there’s so much that I can change by changing my thoughts. For example, I had breakfast one morning with my Dad and his Council of Cronies, 2 other older men who help with his affairs. They were delighted to be in my company and I felt like “arm candy” for the first time in years.

Aha! Knowing that I am “arm candy”, do I feel sexier and more desirable? You bet! It’s not about anything my partner needs to do to remedy the situation. It’s all in my hands, pun intended. I’ve already begun to take some steps, including doing Kegel exercises twice a day. I will also begin to use a daily moisturizing lubricant to rehydrate my vaginal tissue. I’ve been reading about Tantric energetic orgasms and will experiment with that.

I just heard a wonderful antidote to some of the changes and challenges of menopause. Are you ready for this? Drum roll please….  ½ ounce of at least 80% cacao dark chocolate, a small glass of red wine and an orgasm on a daily basis, not necessarily in that order. What a cool remedy that is!

This is all very exciting to me. And these are all miracles!

Now that the holidays are upon us, this is an opportunity to look for places to shift from fear into love. Join me in opening your heart even more to the magic and miracles that are all around us all the time.

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