March 20, 2018

A Group of Rock Stars Just For You!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m hosting the Go Forth and Thrive After Cancer Telesummit January 14-25. I have assembled an extraordinary group of experts who will share their brilliance, love and wisdom. This event is all about giving you the inspiration and tools to design your personal plan to thriving in every way after cancer comes into you life.

Long-term treatment plans are now emerging in the medical field, and until this event, there hasn’t been an easy source for inspiration and information for designing pathways to thrive emotionally, psychologically, physically, spiritually and sexually, after cancer comes into your life. From forgiveness to finances to music as medicine for the heart to deep spiritual healing and everything in between, this amazing group is all offering their expertise as a love offering to you.

It’s all free so sign up and help us spread the word by sharing the link below to anyone you know who can benefit from this. Let’s see if we can take this viral! Please help spread the word by sharing this blog, share on Facebook, Tweet, whatever feels right to you to reach out so that everyone who can benefit from this event, knows about it.

Okay, without further ado, our speakers: (all times are PST)

Monday January 14:
4:00 pm: Lise Alschuler, ND,
6:00 pm: Tambre Leighn,

Tuesday January 15:
4:00 pm: Gary Malkin
6:00 pm: Emmett Miller, MD,

Wednesday January 16:
4:00 pm: Amy Regenstreif
6:00 pm: Molly MacDonald,

Thursday January 17:

4:00 pm: Matthew Zachary,
6:00 pm: Rebecca Katz,

Friday January 18:

4:00 pm: Eileen Barker,
6:00 pm: Wendy Strgar,

Monday January 21:
4:00 pm: Marianne Williamson,
6:00 pm: Desda Zuckerman, Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure

Tuesday January 22:
4:00 pm: Joni Aldlrich, w4cn radio
6:00 pm: Denise Cooluris, ND

Wednesday January 23:
4:00 pm: Charlie Nox,
6:00 pm: Glenne Fletcher,

Thursday January 24:
4:00 pm: Jennifer Mercier-Bone, Mercier Therapy,
6:00 pm: Ellen Barnard,

Friday January 25:
4:00 pm: Barbara Musser, http://www.Sexy After

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