February 24, 2018

The Miracle of Touch




Research shows that human babies can perish if they are deprived of touch. The nourishment of human contact is a critical element for an infant to thrive. If touch is inadequate or unkind the baby will develop all sorts of problems ranging from poor psychological health to self-harming behaviors. As we mature into adults touch remains just as integral to our health and survival as it was when we were born.

The miraculous healing power of touch cannot be underestimated. Who we are and what we do touches people’s lives, sometimes quite literally as molecules are shared and exchanged in every interaction. It’s not just about the physical sensation, but also about the intentions behind the actions. Intention matters. If our thoughts are loving and generous, we have loving touch. Our loving motives transmit to the other person and affect them emotional and spiritually as well as physically, and all of this invigorates all the senses and activates the nervous system.

Sensual touch and sexual touch are the ultimate forms of human touch because they reach the deepest parts of us and can bring great intimacy and healing. This is why sex is such a singular experience. Relationships need loving touch to survive so that they don’t wither away into emotional or sexual anorexia. Here’s the challenge: you cannot force unity or make it right or fix it with only your thoughts. That can feel mechanical and like simply going through the motions, which can feel hollow.

If you and your partner want to train yourselves to consciously touch each other, consider simple acts like holding hands, hugging or giving and receiving massages to induce biochemical and psychological connection. With regular time for touch and the intention to be intimate, we can become channels of life and love through the miracle of touch.

It’s also important to touch yourself as you want to be touched. Whenever you yearn for touch or feel lonely, let your own fingers channel the healing energy of life that you’ve been given into your own amazing body. Give the touch you desire and become your own best lover!

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  1. Great post. I belong to several breast cancer survivor online support groups. The subject of reestablishing frequently comes up. Breast cancer also violates this aspect of our lives too.

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