March 20, 2018

NWSC Report and Lube Recommendations


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The National Women’s Survivors Convention launched their first event in Nashville August 22-24. More than 750 women from around the world with all types of cancer in their story, gathered. The event was extraordinary! Lots of great women, sponsors, entertainers, information and so much more.

I was on a panel about cancer and sexuality with Sandy Finestone, who is also a long-time breast cancer sur-thriver. She presented a clear clinical picture of what happens in a woman’s body with cancer treatments. I got to talk about what to do about that and gave lots of tips and tools. That was fun. Sandy and I had dinner together after the panel and cooked up the idea to do a research study to test my protocol with a group of women around the country.

Since many of you have been reading this Sexy Saturdays blog for nearly a year, you are familiar with my beliefs and approach. So I though you might be interested in being part of this study. If that interests you, please let me know! You can be a part of the solution to a challenging issue for lots of women.

One question that came up during our panel was about what personal lubricants work best. Here are a few that I can recommend, and I suggest that you see if you can get some samples locally before you buy a big container. Choosing a personal lubricant is a very personal choice so it’s important to find what you like.

  • Liquid Silk, non-tacky water-based sensual lubricant. This one is personally endorsed by Molly MacDonald!
  • Sliquid Organics Botanically infused natural intimate lubricant is my personal favorite. This product is also water-based and vegan-friendly.
  • Good Clean Love Almost Naked personal lubricant, created by my friend Wendy Strgar.

There are many lubricants available and it’s important to find one/s that smell, taste and feel good to you. The ones listed here are all water-based and can be used as moisturizing lubricants, which is an important aspect to sensual pleasure. We want to increase the moisture content of our vulvar and genital tissue to help reduce friction and small tears that can happen easily when the tissue is dry. Many cancer treatments suppress hormone production and one result of this is loss of moisture and elasticity of the tissue in the genital area ~ ouch!

Feel free to use moisturizing lubricants like you would use a facial moisturizer: apply liberally twice a day and massage it into the tissue.  Moisturizing and massaging daily really helps to get the blood and lymph flowing, which also helps to hydrate the tissue.  I encourage you to try this daily routine and then share your results with me! Happy moisturizing!

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  1. The information in this blog is very timely. I belong to several online breast cancer support groups. The topic of intimacy, sex and lubricants is a common one. Breast cancer is devastating enough. Having it affect your sexuality just adds insult to injury.

  2. Go to your local health food store and and purchase pure organic coconut oil.(no scent)
    Works better and longer than water based products

    • Using oils (coconut, olive or other) is fine for external use, but it’s dicey internally. Oils get into all the folds and cervices in the vaginal tissue and our body heat can make them go rancid. It’s best to use water based lubes for internal use…

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