April 26, 2018

Memories and Brain Plasticity


The past two weeks have been flooded with memories of my relationship with my mother ~ mine and those of many friends and family members as I reach out to spread the news that she has died. She was known and loved by many people and touched people in ways I didn’t know.

In talking about shared experiences, it has surprised me more than once that we were talking about the same event and the same people. We all experience life through our unique filters; hence the adage that we create our own reality. It’s our thoughts and beliefs that shape out experiences, and I read recently that what we really have is memories of memories.

I’ve also read a bit about the plasticity of our brains. We can not only rewrite “history”, which may be better termed “mystery”, but we can also shape how we think about things. This is interesting to me, especially as it relates to cancer experiences.

Over the decades since my diagnosis, my experience of my cancer has shifted and evolved. First there was the shock and fear; then the fear of recurrence, followed by knowing that I chose to live and to live fully; then some of the gifts of the experience; to now knowing that my experiences have led me to my life’s work.

Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind, says:

“Just imagine yourself surrounded by Mind, so plastic, so receptive, that it receives the slightest impression of your thought. Whatever you think, it takes up and executes for you. Every thought is received and acted upon. Not some, but all thoughts. Whatever the pattern we provide, that will be our demonstration…

In the center of your own soul, choose what you want to become, to accomplish; keep it to yourself. Every day, in the silence of absolute conviction, know that it is now done. It is just as much done, as far as you are concerned, as it will be when you experience it in the outer. Imagine yourself to be what you want to be. See only that which you desire; refuse even to think of the other. Stick to it, never doubt. Say many times a day, “I am that thing.” Realize what this means. It means that the great Universal power of Mind is that, and it cannot fail.”

This is the key to kingdom of health on all levels. Use your mind to create the reality and experiences that you wish to have. Wow! Really? Yes, really! If you knew this was possible, how would you create your life? How would you frame your cancer experiences? What would you think about yourself as a woman?  What would you know without doubt?

I’d love it if you would share about this so that we can all inspire one another on our journeys.

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