March 20, 2018

Meeting Your Inner Aphrodite


Birth of Venus

Many women on the breast cancer journey feel less attractive, desirable and sexy than they did before diagnosis. It’s completely understandable, given the impact of treatments. During treatment, we can feel like the vehicle that brought in the cancer to be treated as we are poked, prodded, cut and filled with medications and radiation. When simply getting through the days and treatments is the goal, feeling beautiful may not be high on your list of priorities.

After treatment, or when treatment is managed, we enter another phase; this is about integrating and getting on with life. It can feel like we’ve just been through a war. We are, indeed, warriors, to overcome or manage the disease. But what happened to feeling attractive and desirable? Your libido may have gone south, your energy may be low, or you may have chemo brain. There may be other factors at play as well.

What to do???

This is a good time to meet your Inner Aphrodite. Hmmm, who’s that? We all carry many archetypes inside us. An archetype is a model or pattern of a certain person or thing. We have the archetype of being a woman; a daughter; a friend; a mother, whether or not we have children, and many others. We also carry the archetype of Aphrodite inside.

Aphrodite, also known as Venus, is the goddess of beauty, love, pleasure and sexual rapture. She is often depicted nude, and there are many stories about her origin and life. She had many lovers and lived a sensual and beautiful life. The word “aphrodisiac” stems from Aphrodite ~ aphrodisiacs are foods, drinks or substances that stimulate sexual desire.

Here’s a meditation to discover your Inner Aphrodite. Read this and then close your eyes and try to lead yourself through it, knowing that you will do it perfectly for you and get just what you need.

Sit in a quiet place and let you muscles relax. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths as you draw your awareness inward. Imagine that you look down at the floor and on the floor, there’s a pair of sandals that are just your size. Imagine sitting up and putting on the sandals. Your inner guiding wisdom, your soul, puts on the sandals. As soon as you do, the walls of the room dissolve and you see where you are outside the walls. You take a step in the sandals. When you step, you’re staying in the same place and your step pulls you towards you, like a treadmill. The world propels you and as you pull the world toward you, it gets easier and you start to speed up. You have this amazing power in your legs to bring things towards you. You walk out of the city, out of the suburbs, out into the country, in the farms, beyond the dirt roads.

See what comes up around you until you find yourself in a forest of trees. Notice what kind of trees they are. Move among the trees and see the dappled light until the light grows dimmer as the canopy grows thicker. The trees get bigger and wider and older and you realize that, your whole life, these trees have been holding this space for you.

You come to a place where there’s a brook. You start to walk along the brook until you find the spring that is the source of the brook. Stop and take a sip of the cold, clear water coming from the spring. Then stand up and see a clearing near the spring. This is your Aphrodite place. Your whole life Aphrodite has been waiting here, held safe by the forest. You see places to sit or lie down ~ a nook in a tree, a stone at the edge of the clearing, some mossy spots.

You are drawn to the center of the clearing and stand in a ray of sunlight. As you stand in the light you realize that someone steps into the clearing with you. You realize this is your Inner Aphrodite, and that she has been with you all along. She says, “Yes, My Dear One, I have been with you all along.”

Look at Aphrodite and drink in her beauty. Notice her hair, eyes, the sound of her voice, her scent, what she is wearing. Ask her, “How can I know you? What can you teach me?” She answers, and you listen and drink in every bit of her message to you, the message with words and the message without words. It resonates in your heart and you know that this transmission about love, beauty, pleasure and sexual rapture will be inside you for the rest of your life. Aphrodite is here to heal you and you are here to be healed in just the ways you need.

Aphrodite embraces you and you feel her enter into your heart and the core of your being. She is always available to you and you need only ask. You know that you will ask her for guidance and wisdom whenever you need it.

You take a step. The world gets pulled around you and you pass through the forest, with Aphrodite inside you, and you walk faster and faster, through the farms and orchards and suburbs and city, until you’re back home. Let your soul sit down and click back into your body. Now it reaches down, pulls off first one sandal and then the other. Then you close your eyes, and when you open your eyes, the room is just as it was before. And now Aphrodite, and love, beauty, pleasure and sexual rapture are with you always.

Please share with us what you experience! May all the Aphrodites meet and honor one another!

© 2012 by Barbara Musser, Sexy After Cancer.

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