April 26, 2018

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

What is beauty, and who says? The media and trends of the times heavily influence us. Look back one generation to see that the icons of beauty in the 1950’s and 1960’s were women like Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe. Then in the 1970’s along came Twiggy and everything changed. Suddenly the standard of beauty went from round and soft to emaciated and all angles. Many women tortured themselves to fit the new standard. Today we see the vestiges of this in all the eating disorders that are so prevalent and so heart wrenching. The things we do be “beautiful” can be extreme.

As women, it’s easy to succumb to the media definitions of beauty. I don’t mean to demean physical beauty in any way. True beauty is the beauty of the soul, the radiance that comes from standing in the Truth and Integrity of who you really are.

Think of the women you admire and who you find striking or elegant or sexy. What is it about them that has you say that about them? What are the qualities? There’s a certain “je ne sais quoi” that magnetizes us and often is has little or nothing to do with physical looks. Usually what we’re drawn to is either a reflection of who we are, or aspects of what we want to develop in ourselves.

Beauty has so many aspects:

  • A beautiful heart
  • Kindness and generosity of spirit
  • Speaking the Truth
  • Compassion for yourself and others
  • Being comfortable in our own skin
  • Knowing that we are beautiful

Until we free ourselves from these artificial standards, we’re caught in the trap of never measuring up. We judge ourselves harshly because we’ve internalized these standards unconsciously. The key to unlock knowing that we are beautiful begins with some inner work. Here’s a place to begin. My suggestion is that you do at least one of the practices below for a month and see what happens.

Practices to see your beauty:

  1. Every night before you go to sleep, tell yourself 3 things you love about you. Write them down in a beautiful journal.
  2. Have a professional photo taken of you in an outfit you love. Put it in a beautiful frame in a place where you’ll see it every day. Every time you look at the photo say, “I love you.”
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror as you brush your teeth, comb your hair or put on make-up (if you wear it) and say, “You are beautiful (your name).”

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