March 20, 2018

A Story About Kissing Under the Mistletoe


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Mistletoe has long been considered an aphrodisiac and holiday symbol of love. Where does this tradition come from? There are Greek, Celtic and Norse legends about it, all related to love and fertility.  After you read about them you may want to find some mistletoe and hang it in your home during the holiday season. After all, we can’t have too many kisses, can we? Let’s use mistletoe to spice things up a bit!

In the Norse myth, Frigga is the goddess of love, sexuality and wisdom. Frigga was the mother of Balder, the god of the summer sun. Balder had a dream about death, which greatly alarmed Frigga, for if the summer sun died, all life on earth would end. In an attempt to prevent this, Frigga went at once to air, fire, water, earth and every animal and plant seeking a promise that no harm would come to her son. Balder now couldn’t be hurt by anything on or under the earth. But Balder had one enemy ~ Loki, god of evil ~ and Loki knew of one plant Frigga had overlooked in her quest to keep Balder safe. It grew neither on nor under the earth, but on apple and oak trees. It was mistletoe. Loki made an arrow tip of the mistletoe, gave it to the blind god of winter, Hoder, who shot it, killing Balder. The sky paled and all things in earth and heaven wept for the sun god. For 3 days each element tried to bring Balder back to life. Frigga, the goddess and his mother finally restored him. The legend says that the tears she shed for her son turned into the pearly white berries on the mistletoe plant and in her joy, Frigga kissed everyone who passed beneath the tree on which it grew. The legend ends with a decree that whoever stands under the mistletoe, no harm should befall them, only a kiss as a token of love.

It’s easy to see how this could result in mistletoe as an emblem of love. And since Christmas has pre-Christian roots, this lovely myth may have sourced a beloved ritual.

If you choose to hang some mistletoe in your home, what will is symbolize for you? Love? Kissing? Safety from harm? The warmth of the season?

What does kissing mean to you? Do you like it? Want more of it? Want to be kissed? Take some time to ponder what kissing is to you and if you want it, how you can create more kissing in your life. As I was writing this, I was inspired to send a text message to my honey to invite him on a kissing date tonight. He said yes! Lucky me and lucky him ~ kissing is one of my favorite ways to connect and express love.

Next time, some more stories about mistletoe and kissing.

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