April 26, 2018

For Partners

With all the focus on what happens for your partner, often you are the one who can feel “left out” of the equation when it comes to support and healing. It can seem like there is no place for you to talk about your feelings and fears, express your concerns about how you feel about your partner, or learn how to keep your love alive.  It can seem like you are not supposed to even have these thoughts and feelings.

The Sexy After Cancer™ for Partners of those with Cancer is a weekend for partners to talk openly and honestly about the impact of your partner’s cancer on you, to learn skills and tools to feel supported as you support them on their journey, and to learn skills and tools to ease the way into intimacy and connection with their altered body and needs while having your own needs matter in the equation.

During this weekend retreat you will:

  • meet an interact with other partners like you
  • talk openly and honestly about how her cancer impacts you
  • learn skills to gently ease you and your partner towards more and better intimacy
  • enhance your partnership

Dates Coming Soon.  

Please email info@sexyaftercancer.com for more information.