March 22, 2018


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I work with individuals, couples and groups around intimacy, sexual health and happiness. If you’d like some personal help tailored to your specific situation, I’ll design something just right for you.

Do you feel stuck in your sex life? Are you trying to understand how to heal and make things work better now that cancer is in your life? Almost everyone needs some help along the way. My job is to help you over the bumps and get you moving in the direction you want to go. I offer ideas, feedback, tools and support to make it easier to have a healthy and happy intimate and sexual life.

For all the talk about sex in our culture, there aren’t many places you can for for open, honest and shame-free help. I’ve been working in this field for more than 20 years and am a 25-year breast cancer survivor. I really understand the challenges and pitfalls, the fear and disappointment, that can come along on this part of the cancer journey. Whatever your issues and challenges are, I can help you to discover what you want, what will work for you and how to make that happen.

My areas of specialty include ~

     Personal Sexual Enrichment

     Improving Intimacy and Communication in Relationship

    Understanding your Body and your Sexuality now, Changed by Cancer

     Sexual Healing

     Painful Intercourse

     Vaginal Renewal

     Intimacy and Connection

     Redefining and Expanding your Definition and Experience of Sex

I have a broad palette of tools and processes to help you transform any area in your life as you navigate the cancer journey. I am a Senior Core Individuation practitioner ~ this is a powerful method of energy healing and alignment designed to balance the four aspects of ourselves: our emotional self; our psychological self; our physical self and our spiritual self.

Many people (individuals and couples) come to do a personal retreat with me ~ imagine a day or two of focused attention on your relationship, intimacy and sexuality. Make is a getaway from the day-to-day challenges of life and give your love life a wonderful boost. This can be just the spark to re-ignite the fire of your passion.

I work on the phone, via Skype and in person with those in the San Francisco Bay Area. While I can offer you a single session, it’s almost always more effective to sign up for a series of sessions or an intensive so that we can unravel all the threads in the tapestry of you and create the best solution  for you.

If you know you want to work with me, you can begin immediately!

Please call me (+ 707-280-9662) or send me an email so that we can discuss what will work best for you.