March 22, 2018

Barbara Recommends

Sex Butter is a wonderful product! It helps with those “burny” sensations that occur with tender tissue and the wrong pH in a product. I’ve used this as a lubricant, a salve, and a tissue renewal aid. This is one product that you want to have in your collection.”  Click Here for more information.

Pink Link:
Cancer is a club you didn’t ask to join. But it happens and, in one diagnosis, the earth beneath your feet shifts.
When you join Pink-Link (it’s free!), you are instantly linked to a network of fellow survivors, family members, medical pros and others who, in essence, become your “pen pals” via our website. 24/7, we are here for each other.  Click here for more information.

Desda Zuckerman and CoreIndividuation™ ,
CoreIndividuation is powerful energetic and spiritual healing work. Desda Zuckerman is the brilliant avatar for this transformational and ever-evolving body of work and wisdom. It was immensely powerful to me on my healing journey after cancer treatments, so much so that I became a practitioner of this work.

She has just published Your Sacred Anatomy, An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure. This book helps anyone to understand this powerful work, the anatomy of the human energy structure, and ways to work with it.

I am a Senior Core Individuation Practitioner and offer sessions in this powerful and empowering work for healing and transformation. There is a package of procedures for support during surgery and other medical procedures, including chemotherapy and radiation, that is enormously helpful. You’ll find more information about this in the Products and Programs section of this site.

Molly MacDonald has created an organization to provide short term financial help for people in active breast cancer treatment. In a very short time, the organization has become a national presence and is growing and spreading its good work across the country. Check it out if you need help or to make a donation.

Good Clean Love:
Wendy Strgar, who is a lovologist  founded this wonderful company. They have a line of personal lubricants and products that are organic and were developed to prevent infections due to any irritants. Also check out Good Clean Love Daily ( for many blog posts about love, inspiration and living a life of love.

Good Vibrations
Located in San Francisco and Boston, Good Vibes is a great source for sex toys, lubricants, books and all manner of things to enhance your sexual pleasure. They have lots of classes, articles and a sexologist on staff to answer questions.

A Woman’s Touch:
This wonderful site and organization was created by a sex educator and an ob/gyn. They have so many great resources on all aspects of intimacy and sexuality ~ fabulous articles, great product descriptions, and they will send samples of lubricants. You can call almost any time and speak with someone in person to answer questions or help choose a product. This is where I found the Vaginal Renewal™ Program which has worked so well for so many women. Look for news of some cool collaborations between AWT and Sexy After Cancer!