March 22, 2018

Meet Barbara

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I’ve had a lifetime of adventure ~  traveled and lived in many places, studied with lots of teachers and had several careers as I searched for my purpose and gift. Everything came into focus as a result of being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989. That was an earthquake in my life and became the catalyst for deep personal exploration and growth.

Now 27 years on this journey, I am a sex educator, workshop and retreat designer and facilitator, transformational mentor, author and popular speaker. All my passions have come together in Sexy After Cancer.  I’m a Thought Leader in the field of cancer and sexuality and have worked with thousands of women, couples and health care providers to help those touched by cancer. It’s time to know that you are beautiful, desirable, sexy and can have a happy and healthy intimate and sexual life.

On my personal path of healing, I’ve sought out and created the resources I wish I’d had decades ago. I don’t want anyone to be as unprepared as I was. So I’ve created a vault of resources to help you maintain and grow your sense of who you really are, know how beautiful and desirable you are, and get your libido and sexiness back as you recover and evolve. I’ve researched, created and curated the best and leading edge resources for you no matter where you are currently in your evolution.

I’m blessed to live in Northern California where I can explore my other passions of hiking, biking, wine tasting and transformation.