March 21, 2018

May 5th Teleseminar

She says:  “I have no interest in sex these days.”

He says:  “I don’t know how to approach her sexually anymore.

 She says: “I don’t feel sexy or attractive any more.”

He says: “I want you and you’re still beautiful to me.”

Sound familiar? One of the casualties of successful breast cancer treatments can be the loss of libido during treatment, that can continue long after treatment ends. It can be a downward spiral that includes pain, fear of the pain, plummeting self-esteem, guilt and shame the death of desire.  The end result?  A life with little or no intimacy; little or no kissing, hugging, or sex.

Here’s the good news ~ your libido, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality can be awakened and re-ignited. Just as there are many aspects to loss of libido, there are many aspects to rekindling it. And there is HOPE!

Join Barbara Musser and Ron Morgan on Saturday, May 5 at 9:00 am pacific time for a free teleclass: He Says, She Says ~ the Rebirth of Romance after Cancer

During this class, you’ll learn practical tools and tips that will:

  • help you understand the mechanics, emotions and mindset to create the intimacy and sexuality you desire
  • enable you to communicate your needs and desires in healthy and satisfying ways so that you build bridges to intimacy, not walls between your hearts and bodies

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Register even if you can’t join us for the call. We will send out a recording to everyone who registers for the call

Barbara Musser is a 20-year breast cancer “survivor”, who has supported many women and their partners and families along the cancer journey. Barbara is a member of AASECT, the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. She has just written Sexy After Cancer ~ Meet Your Inner Aphrodite on the Breast Cancer Journey.

Ron Morgan’s
background includes 20+ years of personal growth and men’s work. He is also an executive business coach with large corporations. He is a skilled listener, and a master at empowering people to bring forth their gold as leaders and people who make a difference in the world.  He has a Master’s degree in Psychology and Human Relations.  
Ron has had cancer, beginning with melanoma in 1995 and later with tumors resulting from earlier radiation treatments.  He brings that experience along with
his sensitivity and wisdom, to help people navigate the twists and turns of the cancer journey, especially the journey after treatment and the impact on relationships.