March 20, 2018

July Teleseminar

Open Sesame ~ Doorways to Intimacy and Sexuality After Diagnosis

  Is your sex life rich and satisfying?
  Would you like to have more sex in your life?
  Does sex seem like a distant memory?

Many women experience unexpected sexual challenges as a result of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. It’s one of the top 3 survivor issues, according to a Livestrong Poll.  And there haven’t been many places to even talk about it, much less learn what can be done.

At the Live On, Live Well cancer survivor’s conference, most women said that they were unprepared for the side effects of chemo and hormonal therapies to their libido and sexuality. Many were offered further pharmaceuticals to treat these side effects, which made them worse in many cases.  The situation is frustrating and resources are scarce.

What’s a Girl to Do???

Join us for a FREE teleclass Open Sesame: Doorways to Intimacy and Sexuality After Diagnosis. During this hour-long call you’ll discover:

  The elements to the cocktail of feeling attractive, desirable and sexy

  What is SEX, really?

  Practical tips for rekindling your libido

This call will connect you with others on the journey. You’ll learn practical techniques to help you re-ignite your femininity after breast cancer treatment. By the end of the call, you will see that it really is possible to be sexy after cancer.

What people are saying:

“ Your understanding, explanations and tips for what to do, have given me hope…”  ~ Ellen D.

“The vaginal renewal program really works!” ~ Nancy M.

I’m Barbara Musser and I’ve been on the breast cancer journey since 1989 when I heard the words, ”You have breast cancer.” I made many conscious choices about how I wanted to live the rest of my life, since it was obvious that it wasn’t a dress rehearsal. I became a sex educator and have helped thousands of people with their intimate and sexual lives. I’ve interviewed many women with breast cancer to discover what’s needed to provide help with this part of our lives, how to have a healthy, satisfying intimate and sexual life with our body as it is NOW.

My passion and commitment is for every woman affected by breast cancer to know that she is beautiful, feminine, desirable and sexy.  Together we’ll go beyond where typical cancer resources end. You’ll learn how to begin healing with practical and powerful ways that build the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.

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PS ~ With the overwhelming number of women who are experiencing sexual difficulties on the breast cancer journey, it is likely that you also know someone who has these challenges. Please feel welcome to forward this to her, so that she can join us as well.