April 26, 2018

Free Webinar-Sexy After Cancer… Really?

How to Get Your Mojo Back and Have More Fun

Navigating the maze of making big treatment decisions is a painful blur for many women with breast cancer. Something that is rarely discussed during this time is how the treatments impact intimacy and sexuality. Poor sexual function is one of the top survivor issues, which often comes as an unanticipated and unwelcome surprise. Lots of women suddenly become menopausal as a result of treatments. Others lose sensation in their breasts after surgeries. Many feel like they age 20 years in six months because of changes to their breasts and genital tissue. Nothing works in quite the same way. Is this your experience?

There aren’t many good resources available for these issues and it can be the elephant in the room that everyone is ignoring. Doctors say they don’t have time to talk about it. Women don’t know it’s coming so they don’t know to ask about it. Therapists may not be prepared to talk about cancer. It’s a perfect storm that doesn’t go away.

Many women say that their sex life wasn’t so wonderful before their cancer diagnosis. Rather than see this as an opportunity to learn some new things and have a better intimate and sexual life, they get resigned and give up on sex. That’s heart wrenching.

Lots of women feel like “damaged goods”. We are “programmed” with a specific and narrow definition of beauty and sexiness and we all “drink the Kool Aid” of this programming, rarely feeling that we are media-pretty, desirable or attractive enough. Our culture places high value on physical beauty. Women’s breasts have been a focus of beauty for millennia. Many women have breast augmentation or reduction for cosmetic reasons, and good cleavage is a symbol of great sex appeal. Pinup calendars, Barbie dolls, bikini bathing suits, décolletage, push-up bras, and the list goes on. We can’t escape our fascination with breasts. Breast cancer amplifies this and our sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and beauty can plummet, especially if we know we don’t fit the standard of beauty.

Breast cancer treatments change the shape of our breasts. Surgery, even a biopsy or lumpectomy, leaves scars, or with a mastectomy, we may have portions or all of a breast removed.

How does all this leave us feeling as desirable and attractive women? Do you wonder about this? I did.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been on my personal journey to heal and re-invent myself as an attractive, desirable, sexy woman. I have cracked the code on what sexy is; how to radiate and magnetize sensuality and attractiveness (it’s not about what you might think it’s about); how to forgive, accept and love my body and my sexuality which are radically changed by cancer and treatments; and how to enjoy a much better intimate and sexual life than ever.

On October 18, at 6PM PST, I’ll be offering a free 45-minute webinar to share some of this information with you! Join me and discover:

 what it takes to know that you are beautiful, desirable and sexy

 how to wake up your sleeping libido

 how to build bridges back into intimacy, sensuality and sexuality
 if you’re single, how and when to tell your date about your adventures with The Big C
 practical tips and exercises to do to get your mojo back


This webinar will be filled with really useful information and you may learn some things you didn’t know before! I promise you will leave the webinar with things to do immediately to begin to shift your intimate and sexual experiences so that you can have a happy and healthy time in your sex play, whether it’s solo or with a partner.

Join me by signing up below~ you’ll be glad you gave yourself this gift.