March 22, 2018

Core Individuation™ Energetic Healing

Core Individuation, cancer and healing, energy medicine, Barbara Musser, Desda Zuckerman

Cancer and treatments impact us on many levels

        ♥ physically

        ♥ emotionally

        ♥ mentally

        ♥ spiritually

        ♥ energetically

We all have a “structure” of subtle energies that surrounds our physical body. It has a very elegant and sophisticated anatomy, and it can be deeply affected by our cancer experiences. Core Individuation© healing is a powerful adjunct to regaining alignment, integrity and wholeness during and after treatment. It’s a new paradigm for transformational change.

There is a very special series of protocols designed to support surgeries and other medical procedures including radiation and chemotherapy. I have created a package of 4 sessions which will help you to prepare for procedures; support you during procedures; and support an easier and faster recovery. Clients report that ~

       ♥ time in the recovery room is shorter

       ♥ there is less pain and swelling 

       ♥ medications are better tolerated with fewer side effects 

       ♥ health care providers are impressed with their progress

I offer this Surgical and Medical Support Package for $595. We can work in person, on the phone or via Skype for long distance clients. I believe that this is the future of the integration of medicine and spirit and it is a very empowering future! Email me or call me to talk about this if you are interested. You’ll be very happy that you did!

If you have already  had surgeries or other medical treatments, we can work powerfully to enhance your integration and well-being, no matter how long it has been.    


I have studied, practiced and taught this form of subtle and powerful healing for 15 years and I offer it to a selective group of clients who are ready for this advanced spiritual and energetic experience. To learn more about this extraordinary work, please go to

If this work speaks to you, please contact me personally via email ( so that we can explore whether this work is right for you at this time.