March 22, 2018

Special Report to Jump Start a New Mindset

10 to thrive 3d bookNow that you’re reading 10 to Thrive and are getting lots of tips for every area of your life, you’re well on your way to navigating this new journey of life after cancer. It’s all new terrain and this map will help you to thrive.

As a supplement to my chapter on 10 Tips to Getting Your Sexy and Mojo on, I’ve created a special report to help you to jumpstart working with your mindset. This is the key to transforming the “trash” in your head ~ to transforming the bullies that live in your head into inner advocates.

This Special Report helps you to transform your mindset in 7 areas of your life including:

  • your social environment
  • your physical environment
  • your emotional environment
  • your spiritual environment
  • your spiritual environment
  • your mental environment
  • your intimate and sexual environment

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Transform Your Thoughts in 7 Areas of Your Life to Thrive!



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