April 27, 2018


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Has Cancer Affected Your Life?

In the United States, the number of cancer survivors has more than tripled to 12 million people during the past 30 years. 3 million are women who have experienced breast cancer. With this dramatic increase has come the need for reliable and effective information about post-treatment experiences and the quality of life, for help in living on and living well. Life after cancer is multifaceted ~ there are physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual and practical concerns after treatment ends.

“99% of adults treated for cancer experience at least one concern after treatment ends. 91% experience at least one physical concern and 96% at least one emotional concern. For the 4 areas most frequently reported as physical concerns ~ energy, concentration, sexual functioning and neuropathy ~ the majority had not received care. “

Cancer is an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual trauma that can break your heart. Then you are left to pick up the pieces and go on with your life. How do you recover from these heartbreaks? How do you heal your heart? Your spirit?

Cancer treatments can play havoc with your self-esteem and feeling attractive, not to mention your libido and sexuality. You may also experience emotional side effects like shame or feeling like damaged goods. Sexual side effects can include painful intercourse, loss of your libido and body parts that are missing or don’t function as before.

Is it possible for these experiences to be openings into deeper love, better intimacy, satisfying sexuality and a satisfying life?

You may have found some of the numerous resources available, and yet be feeling that this simply isn’t enough for where you are NOW.

Sexy After Cancer provides leading edge information and support with groundbreaking tools, tips and processes. We do more than “just talk about” the issues. We provide safe and supportive environments where you can be open, honest and be seen. Together we’ll open the conversations that really matter and that help you to feel whole, healed and better than ever. Our vision is for healthy intimacy and sexuality after cancer comes into your life.

* Livestrong survey results published in 2010


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